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Karen Starr

Easy Living

Posted May 28, 2010

Just wanted to take a break from painting and moving and planning and such to pop in and wish you all a happy Memorial Day weekend!

May it be filled with easy living, lots of laughter and fun times as we remember the ones who came before us and the sacrifices they made.

If you’re on the road, enjoy the sun and the ride!

Sending lots of love your way,


Karen Starr

It all comes back to bowling for us

Posted May 21, 2010

Hi friends,

Hooowee have we been busy! There’s a ton going on behind the scenes over here at Hazel Tree…we’re cooking up quite the fun mix of interesting decor and some new design-based services for your Akron abodes.

If you read my last blog post, it was about a gift that someone had left on our front stoop last week…an old metal fireplace insert that I was excited to incorporate into our Living Room vignette for the store opening. Well, we found out a bit later who it was from: a new friend of mine that, turns out, is an old friend of my husband, Jon!

But of course.

So yesterday, Jon and I went over to where our new/old friend had some other salvaged goodies in storage and loaded up the van with more pieces and parts to incorporate into things down the road and use as shelving for the store. Check these out above…two huge, old, hiiiiighly decorative light fixtures that once upon a time lived on their happy little perches at the end of the produce isle at Bissler’s. Wonder when a design will call for these babies to be cleaned up and re-wired? They are huge, so it’s interesting to think of the possibilities of that one…

The find we were most excited about, and why I wrote the title of this post like I did, was a slab of bowling alley lane that we are going to turn into Jon’s design table upstairs in his picture framing studio. You see, the first time Jon and I ever talked and laughed was over bowling. And because of this, after our lovely little wedding ceremony at Sarah’s Vineyards, we had our reception in a bowling alley (had the entire place to ourselves…most. fun. ever!)

Here she is:

Perfect for us.

Wonderful side note to this….Jon’s picture framing studio is now fully set up and operational (even before this 300 lb. slab of wood and metal becomes his table!) So, if you have something you’d like framed, you can call us at Hazel Tree (330.761.3100) and set an appointment for framing prior to our grand opening on 7/10/10!

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope you have a great time, whatever you’ll be doing!