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Karen Starr

Holiday Open House - Saturday, 11/30 from 12-6pm

Posted November 29, 2013

Just a reminder that our 4th annual Holiday Open House is this Saturday, 11/30, from 12-6pm. We hope to see you!

Happy holidays!

Karen Starr

Snapshots from recent adventures in redesign (and what-not)

Posted November 8, 2013

Cause of happy dance #1 from today...when the UPS driver delivered this wallpaper. (Yes, he makes fun of me for the things I do a jig for.) Wait till you see this powder room complete...

I take a lot of photos throughout my days...the photos above and below are a few snapshots from recent adventures in redesign, gallery-owning, and community-fluttering-about!

An inspiration shot. This is the entryway of the new location of The Banyan Tree, who just moved to Peninsula...the space has the most beautiful vibe to it...a unique and creative mix of stirring up and rooting down.

Intriguing mixed media images from a new-to-us artist whose work will be featured here after our new showroom flip in a couple of weeks. 

Perfect time to remind you about the holiday open house on Saturday, 11/30 from 12-6. ;)

With a client at The Bomb Shelter whose office design I have been working on since the summer.

The word "impact" that is laid out on the ground will hang in the office of their creative agency. We landed on that word when I encouraged her to think of the one word that best describes what they do for their clients. From getting to know them throughout this process, they do indeed create a very positive impact with their work in the world.

You go, girls...

When we reframe people's pieces of art, we end up with the old frames. When ZeroLandfill rolls around we take them there...but the next Akron date isn't until February. So, I'm offering these up to anyone who wants them via this lovely little tool we have called The Internetz. If you'd like these (or any of the huge pile of large fabric swatches from a furniture company that, sadly, just went out of business) call the studio at 330-761-3100.