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Karen Starr

Gone Fishing!

Posted December 21, 2013

Karen Starr

The Latest Gallery Offerings

Posted December 5, 2013

The three large paintings on the brick wall are by John Sokol. Small side tables by Bomb Factory Furniture. Unconventional Christmas trees by Michael Marras and Doug Meyers. Lamp by Damon Drummond.Found object assemblage pieces,  "Mr. and Mrs.", by Gwen Waight.

Here are some images of some the latest artwork, furnishings and gifts available at Hazel Tree Interiors.

Crayon Batik by Larry Walker

Mixed Media by Ja-key Hurd

Paintings on wood by Rachel Jernigan

2013 holiday ornaments available. The "blimp bows" in the clear box are made from an actual Goodyear blimp! The folks at Akronology who make them were given one of the 10 foot tall "O's" from a retired blimp.