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Karen Starr

New show, 'Paper and Glue' now in the gallery until March 28.

Posted February 12, 2015

Main gallery area with the works of Sandra Holata and Melinda Buchholz gracing the walls this month and next in 'Paper and Glue'.

Please stop in to see 'Paper and Glue', the works of Sandra Holata and Melinda Buchholz. The show is hung in the gallery and works will be for sale until March 28, 2015.

Gallery hours are Tuesday - Friday 11-5:30 and Saturday, 11-3.

Here are some images of the artists' work.

 Works by Melinda Buchholz.

 Works by Sandra Holata.

  Works by Melinda Buchholz.

  Works by Sandra Holata.

Karen Starr

"Living With Art" at Akron Art Museum, post 4 - The art and the install!

Posted February 3, 2015

 Arnie Tunstall, Collections Manager at the Akron Art Museum.

Over the past month, I have been telling the story about "Living With Art", the exhibition at the Akron Art Museum I designed and guest-curated for the Corbin Gallery. This is the fourth post in the series...

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In this post, I'll talk a bit more about the art works I selected, and share some sneak peek (but not too much) images from the installation that is taking place this week.

Last year, when I went through the collection database to select art for my exhibition, I ended up with some on my wish list that couldn't be included...some were already set for an upcoming exhibition or had too recently come off of one, some were just too large for the space in the end, some were too fragile for this type of environment. 
I ended up with a few key types of works that I had really wanted to include missing.

Enter Arnie Tunstall...Collections Manager for the museum!

Arnie met with me in the specially-built collections room one day and I got a chance to tell him the types of pieces I was still hoping to include...and he went to work.
If you know Arnie, you know he has been with the museum for a very long time and knows more about their collection that perhaps anyone!
He was very helpful in showing me options for alternates to my original selections.

That is Arnie in the picture above, showing me some stunning Larry Zox screenprints. :)

Again, I can't say enough about the museum staff and how helpful and excited they have been throughout this process. 
Big thanks to everyone I worked with along the way!


Fast forward to this week....and it is time to begin installing the furniture, lighting, and art for the exhibition. Below are some images from the install over at the museum. 

Oh, and another AMAZING thing happened this week. Christie's featured the opening of "Living With Art" as one of their must-sees of the week. (Yes, THAT Christie's.) 
To read the thing that blew my mind first thing this morning, click here.


The opening reception for "Living With Art" is this Thursday evening, February 5, from 6-9pm. The exhibition will run until April 5, 2105.

I hope to see you Thursday night!

Some of the museum crew getting started.

 John Strauss and museum crew unwrapping the dining table top.

Bundles of joy waiting to be unwrapped!