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Karen Starr

Pictures of the Farmhouse on the 2015 Parade of Homes - Group 1

Posted October 1, 2015

The main entrance porch of the 1840's Tallmadge farmhouse.

The console table shown was with the project throughout...originally it was the old dining table of the homeowner's and the busted up, yet sturdy, table served as the crew's work table.

When the project was nearing the end, we all knew that we had to somehow incorporate it back into the design but it could no longer be used as a dining table. What we did instead was give it to Lori Julien of Salvage Style in Wadsworth, who broke it down to a small section for a porch foyer table and did an antiqued paint job on it. 

We had the honor of having one of our designs on the 2015 Home Builder's Association Parade of Homes. It was a farmhouse we worked on with Architect/Builder Peter Paino and crew that blended old and new, in both feel and materials. In today's post, I'll show you the views as you first walk into the home. 

The living room of the farmhouse. A locally-made sleeper sofa from Norwalk Furniture is surrounded by other locally-made pieces by artists Freddy Hill, Michael McAlear and Sara Edwards.
Opposite that area are some antiques and pieces the homeowner had and has loved for years.

(Note that there is no TV anywhere to be found is this home.) :)

 Custom chandelier by Freddy Hill Designs.

A lot of the existing wood that was removed from the house in the restoration and renovation was worked back into it. This is a great example of that. The stairs to the second floor were made of the removed floor joists of the area above the living room that held the old loft level.

In an 1840's house, there are no closets. Storage being built back in as we redesigned ithe home came in a few interesting ways. One way is this set of four triagular drawers underneath the staircase. (Kevin, the main carpenter, is a magician!)