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Karen Starr

Akron Tree Project by Michael W Marras

Posted June 30, 2016

 The Akron Tree Project sculpture under sunny Akron skies...

A tree grows in Akron!

Last weekend, Michael W Marras, the artist behind the Kickstarter-funded 'Akron Tree Project', installed the remainder of his very first public art sculpture.
We are so honored to have been asked to be the location to hold space for this amazing giant metal sculpture (made with a remarkable 80% recycled content!) and we are happy for him for the success of it. It has been so nice to hear the community's appreciation for it, both on social media and in person, as they share what a truly unique and beautiful new piece of art he's created for Akron's landscape. Check it out!

 Getting the lift all set to begin. Note the mock-up he worked off on the lawn there...

 All hands on deck (and on roof!) Hey...I see a Hazel Tree buddy in the hard hat there. That's Paul Mann, one of the contractors that works on our design projects, lending his hand and expertise to the installation. We learned that he is an old family friend of the Marras bunch. :)

 Branches and leaves going up!