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Karen Starr

Sneak peek of the Bud and Susie Rogers Sculpture Garden at the Akron Art Museum

Posted July 7, 2016

A view of the garden from the edge of terrace at the museum. I see a picnic blanket and basket out on that lawn in my future!

Today I had the pleasure of touring the new Bud and Susie Rogers Garden at the Akron Art Museum. The garden and event space will be open to the public on July 16 - with one heck of a kick-off party planned for that day! A few of us out in the community got an inside view, along with lots of cool information on the process, this morning. Here are some sneak peek images of the space, as they wrap up the finishing touches on this incredible new public garden.

If you click here, you can read Mary Beth Breckenridge's story about it for the Akron Beacon Journal. (By the way, that is my favorite thing I ever said that was quoted in the newspaper!)

The public opening will be held on July 16. For more information on that, click here.

A hearty, public "Thank You!" is in order, to the Akron Art Museum and to Bud and Susie Rogers, for the desire to provide a beautiful and peaceful public space for the community, in the heart of downtown!

That's Mark Masuoka and Jennifer Shipman of the Akron Art Museum talking with Akron Beacon Journal writer Mary Beth Breckenridge. They were discussing the way the space transitions between the museum building itself, through the existing terrace and out into the garden. Mark and Jennifer served as the internal Project Managers over the entire process - from conception to completion of the garden.

The view from the top of the zig zag path, taking you up to the top level of the garden.
Native perennial plants and grasses are planted throughout the garden, making them smart environmental choices, as well as beautiful asthetic choices. I loved that there were so few staircases woven into the design - it was almost all ramps. Mark commented about how the desire to keep an organic flow to the space was a part of the design directive from the beginning of the process. It surely showed with the end product...simply beautiful. 

A view from the upper area of the garden. My favorite elements here are: the crushed granite surface as a permeable pavement that allows water to seep through, water plants, and prevent run-off, but still be an ADA-accessible surface for mobility; and Mark's comment that this garden design started from the approach that this was a community space first and a space to view the sculptures second.
As Dominic Caruso, Design, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the museum said, "This is a love letter to Akron."

After the tour we all walked out through the lobby. I loved this shot of the museum alive with activity for kids of all ages on their Free Thursdays!