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Karen Starr

If This Wallpaper Could Talk - A new book project by Karen Starr and Shane Wynn

Posted October 31, 2016

The 2016 Knight Arts Challenge winners were just announced! Karen Starr and her project partner, Shane Wynn, were among 19 winners to receive a grant this year for their new book, "If This Wallpaper Could Talk".

The Knight Arts Challenge Akron is a $3 million, three-year initiative to draw the best and most innovative ideas out of local organizations and individuals seeking to engage and enrich the community through the arts. The arts challenge weighs ideas and picks projects that follow three basic rules:
1. The idea is about the arts.
2. The project takes place in or benefits Akron.
3. The group or individual submitting must find other funding to match the Knight Foundation's grant.

This round, Karen and Shane submitted a proposal for a project called, "If This Wallpaper Could Talk." Part arts-and-culture book, part local history book, it will be rich with alluring portraits and lively stories providing a unique glimpse into Akron’s most interesting wallpaper from the past and the present, as well as the people who cherish it.

The duo will begin work soon on matching the funding and they are already receiving ideas for wallpaper stories to cover! 

To find out more information about the project or to tell us about a cool wallpaper story, check out the website:

Twitter: @ifthiswallpaper

Instagram: @ifthiswallpaper

Facebook: @ifthiswallpaper

To read about the other Knight Arts Challenge winners, click here.

(L to R) Victoria Rogers, Knight Foundation; Shane Wynn, Karen Starr; Kyle Kutuchief, Knight Foundation

Karen Starr

Fall In Love With West Hill! Saturday, September 17, from 12-5pm

Posted August 31, 2016

 Greetings, Hazel Tree friends!

I wanted to let you know of an event happening along the West Hill Business Corridor on Saturday, September 17, from 12-5pm.

We are calling it the "Fall in Love with West Hill" event, and we will have a day full of doing what our historic, beautiful neighborhood does best - being home to some amazing shops, homes, artists, restaurants, and community groups!

Here are the event details:
Event: Fall in Love with West Hill!
Time: 12-5pm, Saturday 9/17/16
Location: West Market St business corridor between downtown and Rhodes Ave and the surrounding West Hill neighborhood

Come stroll through the heart of West Hill on this day of celebration of one of Akron's oldest neighborhoods!
Many activities are being planned for this event by the local shop/restaurant owners and neighborhood groups.
Event-day specials, community art projects, workshops, a scavenger hunt, the planting of the new community fruit orchard, local realty open houses, and the West Hill City Repair installation will all be happening on this day where the historic neighborhood will come alive.

Park at St VM or Hazel Tree Interiors, grab a map or a scavenger hunt guide at the info booth at the corner of Walnut and Market (in between Hazel Tree and Dominic's Auto Body), and head out on foot to explore all that West Hill has to offer.
The city trolleys will be circling the event footprint from 12-5pm to bring people back to their cars.

We hope you'll join us!

More info and programing times will be available as it gets closer on the West Hill Merchants facebook page.